Utilizing Technology Responsibly


Many mom blogs warn of the risks of the internet. Some moms don't even allow their children to possess iPads. I believe a wholesome balance is needed like many things in life. The net isn't something which you could just run off from. Instead, you could teach your children how to use it responsibly. Employing technology is essential for society and school. The subject of technology will probably remain relevant particularly with the most recent net neutrality issue.

A toddler trying to use a computer Lead By Example

When was the last time you zoned out on the couch clicking on your tablet? Or use your phone to text message spy? Your kids are watching how you use technology. Make sure that you are showing a good example of how to use it the perfect way. Put your phone off as you are driving. As they are seeing you do so. Additionally, make an effort to keep your phone away during family dinner. This enables you to have a real conversation and enjoy the minute.

Limit Binge Watching

It isn't healthy for everyone to invest nine hours watching television at a time. If you want to see a string with your children on a streaming agency like Hulu set up a regular viewing time. Watch a couple of episodes per day and have a break. Then save other episodes for the upcoming scheduled seeing period. They will get excited about the show, and also you are going to certainly be happy that they aren't spending all day in front of a television.

Dad holding his kid Keep These Things Play Outside

Give your kids a few downtime. Let them love getting fresh air and being out in nature. Kids gain from being able to sit quietly and do nothing whatsoever. That is how they recharge, tablets and video games may raise their stress. Children also develop their imaginations whenever they will have enough time to sit and think. Invite them to have some downtime each day that is not spent with technology. If you enjoyed this, take a look at my final post about my favourite television shows.

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